In the early days of this year’s flood, when it became evident that its effects were going to be devastating, the *ADC candidate for DSHA, Ndokwa East Constituency, ONYEKACHUKWU MABEL ADINKWU, made a post where she registered her concerns for the suffering masses of Ndokwa nation especially Ndokwa East.

She, herself a displaced person, demonstrated an uncommon encouragement by being of immediate assistance within her means to those she could assist. Inspired by her quality leadership and strong character, Gbandi, led the ADC Delta North candidates, the first candidates or representatives of any political parties as a team joined her in Ashaka to commensurate with the flood victims and offered our little support.

Ndokwa lives Matters! All ANIOMA lives Matters! ADC is committed to quality representation in Ndokwa Nation & Delta North.

The time of political master-Leadership is over.

Vote for ADC-ADINKWU for DSHA Ndokwa East!

Vote ADC-Gbandi4Senate!! Vote ADC!!!


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