Hamburg, Germany, 8 Nov. 2021

Press Release

Hamburg, Germany, 8 Nov. 2021.

After consulting with the ADC Party Leadership, the announcement that the Governorship Candidate of the African Democratic Congress Party (ADC Party), Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo has thrown his support behind Prof Chukwuma Soludo, the Candidate of the All-Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the Anambra supplementary election must be a surprise to many election observers in Nigeria.
However, in the opinion of ADC-DN, this is in line with ADC-DNA; Selflessness (putting the interest of Ndi Anambra before the personal ambitions of candidate Nwankpo). It is no longer news that the entire Democratic process in Nigeria, especially in Anambra State has become commercialized and corrupted. Individuals’ greed has become the center-piece of public policies in government and unfortunately the Anambra elections were not any different, as a matter of fact, it seemed to be worse. This is an unfortunate status quo in the Nigeria of today.
Considering the lack of security in the state and despite the massive commercialization of the electoral process, the people of Anambra State deserve to be congratulated for defying these odds and coming out to exercise their civic responsibility of casting their votes. In the words of the great John F. Kennedy, former President of America, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”
With this quote as top of mind, we believe that the Governorship Candidate of ADC Party, placed Ndi Anambra first and considered that a prolonged and inconclusive election, election mitigations, and probably violet crisis will not be in the best interest of Ndi Anambra. By calling on the people of Ihiala Local Government to rise and resoundingly end this election by massively voting for Soludo, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is demonstrating a politics of common sense, that should be commonplace under an ADC government in Nigeria.
The Anambra election has again showed that lot of work is still needed on voters’ education and election of credible people and credible party rather than a onetime 5000 Naira vote buying as seen across social and regular media. ADC-DN calls on INEC and the NASS to institute consequences for these election crimes. People should not sell their votes, and no party should be buying votes. Candidates should campaign on issues and stand on their vision and goals, and propose solutions for the people’s problems, not take advantage of the poverty which the politicians manufactured.
As a matter of policy, the ADC Party did not and will not participate in the commercialization of our electoral process and vote buying. ADC-DN is very proud of our candidate and our party for refusing to join in the madness. At ADC-DN, we will continue to work harder on voters’ education, one of the building blocks in our vision of cleaning our electoral process where the best and not the richest will be elected.
Each one of us must choose between continuing with the commercialization of our electoral process and vote buying or working to change the process for the better. At ADC-DN we have already chosen the later.
We congratulate Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo for standing on the side of doing the right thing for the Love of Ndi Anambra and the people of Nigeria. God Bless Anambra State and May God Bless Nigeria.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, M.P.S., U.P.A.
Deputy National Chairman (Diaspora Engagement)
Global Diaspora Coordinator Nigeria Rescue Movemen

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, M.P.S., U.P.A.
Deputy National Chairman (Diaspora Engagement)
Global Diaspora Coordinator Nigeria Rescue Movement

Macgodwin Iweajunwa
ADC-DN Media / Publicity Secretary


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