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REACHING OUT TO GHANAIANS IN GERMANY: Irene Appiah Nominated to Speak on Behalf of the Ghanaians in Germany at Brussels/Belgium Minister´s Conference

The ministry of Interior of the federal Republic of Ghana will be holding a Minister´s conference in Brussels/Belgium to prepare a policy draft that will incorporate the interest of Ghana Diaspora including Ghanaian Diaspora in German.
Ms. Irene Appiah is one of the participant nominees by the embassy of Ghana Berlin Germany to take part as German representative. She is appealing for input from the Ghana community in Germany on how best the interest of Ghanaians in Diaspora especially those Germany could be reflected on the new policy draft.
Basically she would like to know

  1. What could be an efficient structure for the Diaspora in Germany to link up with the home Government?
  2. How can the government improve the reintegration of Ghanaians Diaspora returning back home?
  3. What are the barriers for a successful business/economic or social facilitation and cooperation between the Diaspora community and the Government?

Ms. Irene Appiah would like you to take position on the above mentioned issues with a view to formulating a comprehensive collective interest and aspiration of the Ghanaian Diaspora in Germany.
Kindly send your suggestions to Ms. Irene Appiah until September 30th via her email at:


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