The killing of Christy Schwundeck  (infomation also in German)

Frankfurt – Germany 19 May 2011, a 39-year-old African woman of Nigerian origin, Christy Schwundeck was shot and killed by a female Germany police officer in an employment centre in Frankfurt am Main. Christy Schwundeck was a mother of a 12-year-old daughter.

She lost her previous job and had to apply for Hartz IV welfare support. On the tragic morning she went to the job centre to enquire about her unemployment benefits. The rest is now history. A pistol was fired at Christy Schwundeck and she later died from the injuries she sustained.

Frankfurt public prosecutor closed the preliminary investigation mainly on the ground that the police officer who fired the fatal shot had reacted in self-defence.

Our Questions:-

  1. How is it possible that two well trained German police officers are incapable of disarming an African lady allegedly with a knife without killing her?
  2. Is there any cover up with the investigation?
  3. What about such killings in the past? Have there been any consequences to the police officers involved?
  4. Was Christy Schwundeck´s case stalled because she is a black person?

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, therefore Silence should not be an option and that is why we will protest any unlawful killing and demand justice and accountability.  Show your concern on the 19th May  at Job centre Gallus  from 18:30 and 2nd June  Demonstration at Haupbahhof FFM respectively

Initiative Christy Schwundeck

Full  information in German language below:-


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