Felix Duke, President of Creative Industry Group

The Creative Industry Group (CIG) has thrown it’s weight behind two of it’s members vying for political positions in the 2023 election under ADC and Labour Party for House of Representatives. Amb. Felix Duke, President of Creative Industry Group (Nigerian creative industry group which is in partnership with all the sectors of art and science of arts that births the idea of entertainment include but are not limited to the following Actors/Actresses, Music, Fashion, Make Up, Still And Motion Photography, Directing And Producing, Costumiers, Models, Radio And Tv Personalities, Writers and a whole lot more)  said that it was a good development in the right direction to have active members of the executive board coming out for the seats.

Duke disclosed that Elaine Obukome Ibru-Mukoro, Director Event/Project of CIG and Kenneth Gbandi, Chairman Adversory Board (CIG Europe) are from Delta state.

“This is a good and big one for us having members who understands what CIG is all about coming out for the seats, it speaks well because they will be able to help drive the structure which we have been Campaigning for.


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