The Baseless Allegations and the Need to Remain Focused

A Press Statement from the Chairman of NIDO Europe


As Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe gears up to its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lisbon, Portugal, it is being observed that there is an apparently criminal syndicate trying to sabotage this historic event by a calculated conspiracy on defamation of my person with intents to derail me.

Cut and Paste discussion thread on the Nigerian Stakeholders Forum

They are trying very hard by circulating a mischievous and baseless cut and paste job of a discussion thread on the Nigerian Stakeholders Forum that was intended to defame me. Of course, the malicious cut and paste omitted vigorous objections by prominent Diaspora Stakeholders to the defamatory one-sided posts. The false and evidently calculated calumnious vituperations have been copied by apparent accomplices into the PDF and this was circulated even while there was a moratorium on the discussion thread as investigations were going on. Chief Gabe Okoye, the forum founder, and a team of seasoned Nigerian Diasporans managing the forum investigated the matter, reviewed documentary evidences provided by me, while the false accuser failed to produce any single evidence to back his malicious allegations. Consequent on the thorough investigation, the malicious peddler of false accusations was expelled from the esteemed and prestigious Diaspora online Forum. This however, has not stopped the evil conspirators from circulating same defamatory vituperative allegations in different forms and shapes online. Suffice it to re-emphasize here that the allegations were flatly proven as false, baseless and malicious and the protagonist was indefinitely expelled from the Diaspora Online Forum.

Other Internal NIDO Documents

Also, mischievously being circulated are internal NIDO Europe Documents. It is obvious that circulating such defamatory and unproven article even before the CEC in its monthly meeting or the Board of Directors in its bimonthly meeting could look at it, examine and debate its relevance and importance, is pure nefarious harmful energy that is not interested in the truth but rather is aimed to cause maximum character assassination, calumny and defamation.

Need to remain focused

Let me assure all NIDOE members that every NIDOE project(s) or initiatives currently in planning are in the hands of sub think tank units and experts drawn from relevant agencies and notable Diaspora professionals. Their assignment is to carry out a technical feasibility of projects and develop a model for the enlarged forum of the diaspora. When each work is finished, the entire proposal and findings will be shared by the Central Executive Council (CEC), with all NIDO Europe members through their respective Chapter Chairpersons and official NIDO platforms.


My faith in NIDO Europe structure

If there are issues in managing the affairs of the organization, I have absolute faith in NIDOE as a structured and professional organization with processes in place to handle complaints or disputes within the body including escalating such issues to the General Assembly, the supreme organ of the organization in a decent and professional manner.

Your Prayers and Support

I beg for your understanding that it will be impossible to respond to every single person individually. I will continue the task of repositioning NIDO Europe and will humbly ask you all for your continued prayers and encouragement, and to help counter these devilish narratives whenever they raise their ugly heads.

Yours in service

Kenneth Gbandi

Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe


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