ADC-DN Worldwide Executive Committee on behalf of Million of concerned Diaspora Worldwide considered it absolutely necessary and patriotic to speak out against all the injustices and extra judicial killings of innocent Nigerian civilians and peaceful protesters in Nigeria. No civil society can tolerate such inhumane acts of violence. We of ADC-DN worldwide strongly condemn the shooting of innocent protesters at Lekki toll gate and several other hotspots across the country, there is no excuse for such barbaric act. This shows a clear leadership vacuum in the Nigerian political governance today overall, and the youth rightly expressed their frustrations and great disappointment and hopelessness in the way the country has been woefully mismanaged for the past seventy years non-stop despite our rich resources and intellectual capital. Lack of basic amenities and infrastructures like roads, clean portable water and constant power supply has eluded Nigerians to mention but a few. We at ADC-DN Worldwide firmly stand with the Nigeria youth movement in this very desperate fight to better their future because there is zero trust in the present and past governments to create a sustainable economic development and growth for the country. We strongly recommend a national referendum and discussion to begin the emancipation of the minds and hearts of all Nigerians, create a platform of trust, truth and reconciliation, change our basic psychological orientation and thinking patterns, give hope to the several youths who have been trapped in this unending precarious vision called Nigeria. We can do better. We can make a difference before its too late, Let’s join hands with a different fresh new perspective and a new beginning with our great minds as Nigerians. We are a special people with great skills and abilities globally, it is time to turn this train around on its tracks to a new positive direction and give our people a future we know we all deserve. LONG LIVE the Federal Republic of Nigeria!! Long Live ADC-DN Worldwide , your partners for a better Nigeria !!!

Dr. Sonny Nnamchi (Chairman ADC-DN Americas)

Rotrn.Dr. Fatoye Olufemi MBA (Chairma ADC-DN Africas)

Victor Ikoli (Chairman ADC-DN Asia & Middle East)

Sunny Idehen (Chairman ADC-DN, Oceanian-Pacific )

Ms. Vivian Nmoye (Communication Manager, Youths and Social Media Coordinator ADC-ND Europe/ IWCWW)


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