Engr. Marcel.C. Anyanwu

CEO Global Shipping Services


The company

Global Shipping Services is one of the leading shipping companies in Germany offering shipping services. The company was established in 2000 with operations at first limited to shipments of used cars, buses and trucks to West Africa. Over the years, through hard work and experience Global  Shipping Services now engages in the importation and exportation of consignments worldwide.




We have representatives all over Africa but our major base is in Lagos, Nigeria. We are challenged to make shipping a wonderful experience and always strive to completely fulfil the expectations of our international clients. That is why Global Shipping Services is a household name in shipping business. We are always at your services and eager to meet your requests whenever you need a reliable partner. At Global Shipping Services we truly work in your best interest.


Global Shipping Services works with most of the major shipping lines worldwide. We offer serious and secure packing systems both in our premises and in the wharf. Our service includes different types of transportation such as worldwide towing services, delivery of goods, shipments of new and used cars, buses, trucks, agricultural and industrial equipment etc.

Social engagements

We made it a point of duty over the years to support sports in all forms, most especially children and youth sports. Besides making our personal contribution we see it as our obligation to support and gather funds for the sick and less privileged in third-world countries to support healthcare facilities, education, and basic things of life. We equally encourage our customers to support our social projects through donations. God loves the cheerful giver. For more information on our social project please feel free to contact us.


Ripshorsterstr. 356
D-45357 Essen-Dellwig, Germany



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