Breaking Limits:  (Iron Man) Ogbonnaya Kanu

UK trained and Certified Motorcycle Instructor

I was recently having a chat with someone and he mentioned to me that a lot of folks out there don’t know some pertinent facts about me. So with all humility I will share some with us.

I am a 2 DOER. (One who’s nature consists of exceeding expectations and breaking limitations in the pursuit of excellence and perfection)

I ride a motorcycle and am happiest seeing the mileage on my motorcycles increase. I am not a poser even though I might have the latest model bike or wear bike matching gear I do not think there is anything wrong in being a poser and accept that it “takes all sorts to make the world”. Live and let live is what I say.

I do not ride to win friends or women, to belong or to be cool. I do not need anyone’s affirmation to evaluate my self worth. I have high self esteem!

I do not drink and ride and make this position, on alcohol and substance use while operating a machine, known to all.

I ride because I enjoy the singular freedom it gives me. I realize this is a privilege and not a right. I guard this freedom jealously by doing all I can to give the best experience people have when they encounter me….on the road.

One of my goals is to change the way people perceive bikers. To show that there are bikers who stand up for uprightness!

I am achieving this goal by riding. And bringing as many people as possible to riding.

I am a UK trained and Certified Motorcycle Instructor

I am also the first and only Nigerian to have
1. Ridden from Lagos to Europe and back….ALONE
2. Ridden from South Africa back to Lagos….. ALONE
3. joined the Iron Butt Association (for riding 1600km in less than 18hours)
3. Won so many awards and accolades from the motorcycling community in Nigeria and the world.

I want to bring as many people into motorcycling as possible in furtherance of my goal. I believe that if people know better they will be better.

My brother and I run the Ride Easy Super Bike Training School and we spend most weekends sharing all we have learnt with people who want to ride or be better riders.

In January 2015, and by God’s grace, we will be starting a new Motorcycle Training program that will see us breaking limits! Again! Bringing motorcycle training to a level never before seen in Nigeria. Typical of our 2 DOing nature.

If you are considering riding, or not, leave your email address in the comment section below. We will be in touch shortly and we all, working together, will be the change we want to see.

Do have a look at FD Breaking Limits, RIDE EASY Motorcycling Club, and Superbike CAN to have some idea of what I am my friends are doing.


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