Germany has recorded great feats in science and technology and has been significant in research and development which form an integral part of their country’s economy. The raw output of science and technological research from Germany consistently ranks among the finest in the world has the best qualified workforces in Europe. The country owns the world leading technology and innovative industries like SAP, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Julius Berger, Schlumberger, Otis, Strabag among others. Technological performance in Germany is documented and presented by new, innovative products which can compete in international markets. There is a strong link between R&D, Universities and industries, thereby offering a seamless transition between innovative technology and enterprise leading to her rapid economic growth.


The Germans are well experienced in Information and Communication Technologies, optical technologies, production technologies, materials, technologies, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, microsystems technologies and innovative services which are considered to be drivers of the innovations – above all in areas of application such as automotive engineering, medical technology, mechanical engineering and logistics. Developments in these key technologies provide solutions for the challenges of our time.


In another development, Germany had inaugurated the High Tech Strategy 2020 to create a platform for technological development and innovation. A key component of this framework which would be of immense benefit to the Nigerian Government is to create more effective solutions to the protection of communication networks. This is what our government (Nigeria) and the Banking sector need at this time which of course necessitated the Biometric ID project agreement with a well experienced German company, Demalorgthat is ongoing now in Nigeria.


After implementation of the Dermalog Biometric solution, the costs caused by identity fraud would be reduced immediately and the system would pay off in fewer months. The main beneficiaries are the citizens and governmental budgets can be used to tackle other dire challenges and needs. After the unique ID is guaranteed, a biometric secured identification document can be issued and handed over to the citizen, for example: Bank ID cards, e-ID Card e-Passport, Health Insurance Card, Voter Registration Card, Civil Servant Card, Pensioner Card, Army / Military Card, Driver License Card.


Meanwhile, DERMALOG won the “TOP 100 INNOVATOR” for the 100 most innovative companies in the Year 2014 for its innovative fingerprint technology, which is in use in German registration offices and more than 60 large-scale governmental projects worldwide. Also, DERMALOG correctly identified 129 million fingerprints in one second, setting a new world record in the identification of fingerprints. The new system, known as “DERMALOG Next Generation AFIS”, is capable of correctly identifying the ten fingerprints of one individual within a second from a database of more than 129 million fingerprints. The renowned international SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has tested the product and acknowledged that this combination of speed and accuracy is unique throughout the world.


Akwa Ibom State Government of Nigeria has put in place a good example of a vibrant and massive infrastructural developmental- physical projects with the help of German expatriates with their Technology which has transformed Akwa Ibom State from a hitherto pedestrian state to a one stop investor”s destination.


Therefore, associated with German Technology by signing the agreement with the Nigerian government through the CBN has effectively synchronized the Nigerian Voter Registration, National Identification of citizens and the Central Bank of Nigeria ID verification project that is ongoing now to achieve more dependable, technology driven and fraud free economy. This will also position Nigeria as a key player in world politics, banking and swift service delivery nationwide.

German-Nigerian born Trained Criminologist-(Mphl-res)



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