The African German Information Center (AGIC) is happy to collaborate with Cater & Merger to host Agribusiness-AgriTech, Trade, and Investment Summit in Germany from the 16th – 20th September, 2024 in the cities of Berlin And Hamburg. 

Germany is a leading country in both agricultural production and technological innovation. The summit will leverage Germany’s strengths in these two areas, attracting experts and investors across Europe and Africa interested in the intersection of agriculture and technology. In addition, Germany has a robust economy and is one of the largest markets in Europe. This German economic stability and strength provide a favorable environment for trade and investment discussions and agreements. Young entrepreneurs will benefit from the vibrant startup ecosystem, particularly in technology sectors. This innovative environment can foster synergies between agribusiness and AgriTech startups, investors, and established companies interested in Nigeria’s vast untapped agricultural potential.

Most significantly, the German government is supportive of innovation and sustainable practices in agriculture. Policies promoting AgriTech advancements can attract international businesses and investors looking for a supportive regulatory environment.

African Germany Information Center is a “One Stop Information Centre and development project management that supports projects that strengthen economic cooperation and development in Africa. The CEO of AGIC empathizes with its track record in  successfully carrying out technical and administrative projects including the recognition of migrant certificates and vocational training in Germany to boost capacity for the German labor market, Youth Capacity Building, and Business Development in cooperation with CIM/GIZ to help develop capacity for Nigerian Youth and issues of youth empowerment initiative to explore local potentials rather then embarking on unplanned migration in collaboration with Germany ministry of Foreign Affairs, the summit is another win-won opportunity for Europe and Africa. Kenneth Gbandi, the Ex intercontinental chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE), a former member of Hamburg Senate Integrationsbeirat and senatorial candidate of the federal republic of Nigeria in 2023 is optimistic that the Agribusiness / AgriTech, Trade, and Investment Summit in Germany will be a convergence of tradition and technology in agriculture as well as a meeting points for investors and human capital which is in abundance in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Godson Azu, CEO of Cater and Merger Consult Nig is delighted that the long waited summit is finally here. He is proud of the great progress made in Germany in recent years and considers Germany his third home after Nigeria and the UK

AH Abuja


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