– Segun G. Adeyemi

I have said it several times that corruption is an opportunistic crime in Nigeria. What this means is that an average Nigerian will perpetrate corruption if given the least opportunity. The sad story of the report carried by the Management of Channels TV on the bad state of facilities at the Police College Ikeja underscores my submission.
I am shocked by the fact that in 2012 Budget, the sum of N271,757,230 (Two hundred and seventy one million, seven hundred and fifty seven thousand, two hundred and thirty naira) was budget for the UPGRADE OF FACILITIES IN POLICE TRAINING INSTITUTIONS (DETECTIVE COLL. ENUGU, PMF TRG SCHs GWOZA & ILAOROGUN, ATS TRG SCH NONWA-TAI, POLICE COLL. IKEJA, KADUNA, M’GURI, OJI-RIVER, PTS IPERU, IBADAN, OYINAKOKO, MOUNTED & DOG TRG SCHs, COMMUNICATION TRG SCHs IKEJA & KADUNA.

The idiots who manage the Police funds had also secured the approval for the sum of N280, 699, 063 (Two hundred and eighty million, six hundred and ninety nine thousand, sixty three naira) in the 2013 budget to be embezzled! I have said it over and over again that we are the problems of ourselves. Yes, the leaders have there’s, the followers have the largest share. I say this because a country deserves the kind of leaders they have at any given time. The questions that beg for my answers are as follows:-
1. What has the Minister of Police Affairs being doing over these years?
2. What do the Senate & House Committees on Police Affairs do in oversight visit every time, every year?
3. What are the past and the current Inspector Generals of Police being doing with the budgets for these training schools for several years?
4. What, what, please what?
You can see that corruption is a ring, a network, a popular crime amongst every Nigerian.
NONSENSE!!! No wonder we don’t want transformation.


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