By Macgodwin Iweajunwa

In a world where innovative and forward-thinking leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the future, recognizing their exceptional contributions becomes imperative. One such accolade that celebrates exceptional leadership is the Visionary Leadership Award. This prestigious honour pays tribute to individuals who demonstrate unwavering commitment, profound foresight, and a transformative vision that has had a significant impact on their organizations and society.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, the Man from Akwukwu Igbo in Delta State, the longest-serving Nigerian Diaspora leader representing the interest of over twenty million Nigerians in the Diaspora, interfacing with agencies and policy makers in Nigeria and engaging in high-profile networking can comfortably wear these caps any time. Gbandi possess a unique ability to envision the future and inspire others to pursue bold and ambitious goals that transcends the present circumstances, propelling the organizations he represents and the Diaspora towards unprecedented adventures weather in development projects like the Diaspora Housing projects or the involvement of Diaspora in Political architecture in Nigeria both as the Deputy National Chairman of a political party in Nigeria or his boldness to contest for the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, challenging political giants like Prince Ned Nwoko and Peter Nwoboshi. Gbandi may not necessarily be the pioneers in these fields from the Diaspora, but his fearlessness and unwavering belief in the potential for change, combined with his ability to communicate and rally others around a common vision and creating a powerful force for transformation makes him exceptional.

One of the defining characteristics of Gbandi’ visionary leadership is his capacity to drive innovation and progress on projects he passionately believes in.  He is never content with the status quo; instead, he constantly seeks new opportunities, challenge conventional wisdom, and encourage creativity and risk-taking. By fostering a culture of innovation in any organizations he finds himself, he inspires others to push boundaries, think outside the box, and embrace change as an essential part of growth.

NIDOE Leadership Summit 2017 with Justice Ekpo NTA, Chairman ICPC

Beyond Gbandi´s organizational ability, his visionary ideas leave a lasting impact on society, driven by a higher purpose, seeking to address societal challenges and create positive change through initiatives that promote sustainability, social responsibility, or ethical practices, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond his immediate sphere of influence.

On the 21 July 2023, during the NIGERIAN CONTEMPORARY ART INTERNATIONAL HONORS that will be taking place in the holiday’s paradise and beautiful city of Malta, we will be celebrating once again our own Hon. (Dr) Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi who will be conferred with Presidents, Leadership Award in recognition of his visionary leadership in African Media and Society in the diaspora as well as his political success, distinguishing himself as a rallying point for politics, and successful Nigerians. According to the organizers, “his contributions have brought about the promotion of Nigerian and African content, for the development of culture in Diaspora. The Organizing committees are therefore honoured to have the opportunity to celebrate Hon. (Dr.) Gbandi by presenting him with the President’s Award for Visionary Leadership in the development and promotion of the African Society”.

The Gala and creative Awards Night will also celebrate internationally acclaimed Nigerian creative icons such as The United Nations living Treasure award recipient Prof. Bruce Onabrakpeya, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu CFR. For their Visionary Leadership and Lifetime Achievement. The events have attracted over 5000 visitors from various sectors since it’s inauguration on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

With three hight profile Awards in just one month, Gbandi is setting an example for others, that good leaderships pay event when you are out of office. This will be an encouragement to other Diaspora leaders to pursuit audacious goals to inspiring collective action towards a better world.

Let us once again celebrate Hon. Gbandi, an exceptional individual, let us continue to celebrate his remarkable achievements and draw inspiration from his visionary leadership. The best is yet to come.

MACGODWIN IWEAJUNWA, is a media expert and Head of Media, ADC Diaspora Network, writes from Milan, Italy


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