SILENT MOMENT: Re-defining Nollywood Movie Making in Germany


Elvis N.Ololo ( born 8th April 1981) is a Nigerian producer. Born and raised in a Christian family of Mr. Chimezie Eme Ololo (late), of Okwe-Ukwu autonomous community in Ikwuano L.G.A Abia state Nigeria. He studied business administration at Abia State University. Upon his graduation in 2002, he relocated to Berlin Germany in 2003, where he made his entry into the movie industry. While his late father always encouraged and challenged him to get a master degree in medicine, Elvis finds true inspiration in movies, and television networking . For him, movies are not just tools of distraction or entertainment, but a mirror of life, that offers him opportunities to see nature and life’s adversity and triumph through the eyes of his favorite heroes and heroines. They introduce him to powerful ideas, thought-provoking narratives and accurate depiction of human conditions. As a Nigerian who feel deeply connected with African stories, tradition, and culture, he watched closely and curiously as the movie industry lost its essence, and the movie producers increasingly prioritize sales over stories. Instead of sitting down and helplessly watching the new breed of producers proliferate the industry with haphazard plots, incoherent storylines, careless editing, embarrassing performances, and movies that do little or nothing to provoke his thoughts. Elvis decided to take a step forward, with a vision of producing movies with enlightening and educative stories that reconnect Africans and Africans in the diaspora to their culture, breaking the laws of stereotype movies and documentaries, opening European ears to Africans stories while not missing out the flavor of entertainment. Driven by this vision, Elvis enrolled into LIGHTS FILM SCHOOL as a part-time student, while working his day job as a service agent. On completion of his studies in 2012, he produced and realised his first movie “MONEY DROP” a Nollywood Blockbuster shot in Locations in Germany and Nigeria. Elvis N. Ololo took another step in 2014 and lunched his first movie production company, KINGDOM 1 PRODUCTION in Ghana. Afterward, he lunched his second company “SYCRET AMBASSADORS PICTURES in Nigeria in 2015. His latest movie SILENT MOMENT, which was shot in locations in Ghana and Germany was premiered and screened in cinemas in Germany and also at Silverbird Cinemas Ghana. SILENT MOMENT has won three international independent movie awards and is still screening in some film festivals. Elvis is presently working on his first reality TV project that portrays day to day living of Africans in diaspora. A concept that is targeted towards German speaking televisions networks and also his first book “DESPERATE FOREIGNERS.”


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