My life’s ambition was to become an independent and successful business man

Tony Nwankwo- CEO Nwankwo Export GbR, N.T. Europe GmbH

Tony Nwankwo is a successful business man, one of the pride of Nigerians and Africans in Germany, with a dealership in car and spare parts standard certificate. In addition he possesses the prestigious and all important licence as a shipping agent, making him one of the most competent and much sort after car dealer and shipping agent in Bayarn-Germany, the economic power house of Germany.

Mr. Nwankwo defiantly understood what corporate responsibility means and has supports his immediate community and the wider Nigerian and African community in Germany. Mr. Nwankwo has in the past supported and sponsored young talents in the areas of music and football and was the sole sponsorship of a car as the prime Prize for the Miss Nigeria Germany 2011. In a chat with him before the event, we asked him to tell us, who is Tony Nwankwo? My life’s ambition – which I strived for with zeal – was to become an independent and successful business man. Freedom and independence were the attributes most important to me for reaching my goal as a self-employed contractor. When I came to Europe in 1997 I discovered that everything in my coveted western world was different from what I had thought it to be. The authorities did not really welcome me warmly, and my training as a motor mechanic and experience as a machinist at sea suddenly no longer counted. My seed capital – for my planned business – was stolen during an unpleasant incident. I was now in Germany, without money and work – and as dishwashing was never an option for me – without perspective. However, I had my pride, my ambition, my strong will, and a lot of discipline. I started with a temporary job at BMW and worked my way up step-by-step. Every penny I saved was initially invested in my independent part-time car dealership.

Today I can proudly claim sole ownership of a car dealership and a spare parts trade, a certified end-of-life vehicle and recycling center – the Nwankwo Export GbR, a shipping agency – N.T. Europe GmbH, and its branch office in my home country – the N.T. Africana Ltd. I now have ten full time and four part-time employees and am very pleased over each further person I can employ. My path was not easy and every hurdle – of which there were plenty – was only overcome with much effort and energy. Today, I am grateful for each hurdle that was placed in my way, as every one made me stronger, forced me to prove myself, and encouraged me to further follow my path. It does not matter in which trade you attempt building a successful independent business. It can only succeed if you are able to rationally observe, evaluate and implement your own ability, strength and courage.



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