LETSGO NIGERIA – Diaspora is a sub section of in LETSGO NIGERIA free App that is available on Android and iOS, featuring the Diaspora as the de facto 37th State of the Nigerian federation in terms of Geo-politico structural and social economic space after Zamfara State in the alphabetical listing of Nigerian Sate in the App.
It was visionary leadership that brought about the creation of NIDO and Government support that it has continued to enjoy till date leading to the establishment of NIDCOM. The idea behind the creation was to provide the coherence to the thousands of Nigerian communities, religious, professional, social, and cultural organisations, in the Diaspora with the good intention to leveraging potential for development-oriented project initiatives for homeland development. As such Diaspora is the de facto 37th State of Nigerian federation in terms of politico-structural and social economic importance, in good practice of the African Union that considered the Diaspora as the sixth Region of the continent by AU General Assembly.
Leveraging on the visionary principle behind the establishment of NIDO, LETSGO NIGERIA App (on Android and iOS) is a platform specifically designed for the Nigerian diaspora community, providing coherence information from the thousands of Nigerian communities, religious, professional, social, and cultural organizations, in the Diaspora and providing a wealth of information, knowledge, and skills related Nigerians living abroad who want to stay connected with their home country and at the same time tap into the resources available within the diaspora community. The app serves as a centralized hub for various purposes, offering valuable resources such as Investment potentials, news updates, travel information, and insights into Nigerian economic, trade and investments, traditions, events, festivals, Travel & Tourism, Transportation and Real Estate, infrastructure engineer, macro economists, water management, public health etc. that key into the Nigerians states economic growth policy.
Additionally, the app can be a valuable resource for Nigerians seeking professional connections and opportunities within the diaspora community. It features directories of Nigerian professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts across different industries, enabling users to network and collaborate on various projects.
To ensure the app’s success, it’s crucial to prioritize user experience, security, and regular updates. Incorporating user feedback and continuously improving the app’s features based on the needs and preferences of the diaspora community is an essential feature of LETSGO NIGERIA.
Overall, LETSGO NIGERIA/Diaspora will foster a strong sense of community among the Nigerian diaspora, facilitate knowledge sharing, and empower individuals with the skills and information they need to stay connected to Nigeria and within the Nigerian Global Professional Network.
LETSGO NIGERIA/Diaspora app is easy to navigate and understand with a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to easily find the features they need. It is straightforward and logical, ensuring that users can quickly access different sections of the app.
If you’re already excited and interested, download the free app until 12/12/2023 and long in for a personal experience. You can also enjoy relatively many features event without account and login.
Contact LETSGO NIGERIA and LETSGO NIGERIA – Diaspora team today to discuss potential partnerships and collaborations.

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