Ecowas Tribune Newspaper PRESS RELEASE

It’s alleged that Sahara reporters are ready to announce fake election result online ahead of INEC in other to heat up the Polity in Nigeria. This is to discredit INEC results and smear the 2015 election credibility in Nigerians. It’s with the intention of inciting Nigerians to take up arms against each-other. It’s with deep sadness that we report this and wish to persuade Sahara reporters to play by the rules.

Hitting up the polity or fueling temper that is already higher than the tempo in an election so close to call is unwarranted. The media’s first responsibility is to play by the rules and report malpractices not instigate to curse commotion in Nigeria which Ecowas Nations may not recover from.

-Ecowas Tribune Newspaper


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