African Consultative Forum (ACF) Hamburg Inaugurated on Africa Day 2012

Cross section of members of ACF



The African Consultative Forum (ACF), a think tank initiated by Hon. Kenneth Gbandi as one of the two representatives of the Africa Region in the Integration Council established by the Hamburg Senate (the Government of the Hamburg City-State), was inaugurated during an imposing celebration, with Banquet, on 25th May 2012 at Le Royal Hamburg. Important political and administrative personalities such as Mr. Dietrich Wersisch, Parliamentary Whip of the CDU Party in the Hamburg Parliament, Mr. Nikolaus Haufler, also of the CDU parliamentary group  responsible for Integration,  Mr Elombo Bolayela the African SPD Parliamentarian in the City-State of Bremen were present.  Madam Petra Lotzkat of the Integration Department, represented Mr. Detlef Scheele, Senator for Social, Family and Integration Affairs and delivered an encouraging address to the gathering, after the speech of Hon. Kenneth Gbandi. Miss Dayan Kodua, film   actress, gracefully did the overall introduction of events during the occasion. She finally invited Mr. Clement Klutse to do the most important thing, the introduction of the members of ACF as the highlight of the occasion, which he did with a brief speech giving the background of the ACF.

The ACF is composed of all the accredited African Associations and a number of African intellectuals in Hamburg. Apart from the Spokesman, the Deputy Spokesman and the Co-ordinating Secretary acting as the controlling body of the Forum, it consists of various Committees and Sub-committees to reflect important Ministries and Departments in Hamburg, relevantly important to the African Community. These include Jobs, Housing, Health, Education (vocational training opportunities) Social and Family Affairs, Police & Justice (Asylum and Deportations), Sports, Culture and Media.

The Task of ACF

Apart from brain storming activities, initiatives most relevant to the welfare of the community will be discussed and acted upon. The group will basically do the following things:

A. Act as a Think Tank to help articulate the interests of Africans in Hamburg regarding issues such as Jobs, Housing, Health, Education, Asylum and Deportations among many other things.

B. Solid Network activities to galvanise co-operation between the African communities and fellow citizens of Hamburg.

C. Function as Lobby Group to help promote understanding and cordial relationship amongst the citizens of Hamburg.

Below are the members of ACF:












Hon. Kenneth Gbandi  

CEO HiBC GmbH/Edior in Chief African Heritage Print and online Magazine

African Representative, Hamburg Senate Integration Advisory Council







Mr. Marouane Snoussi, Dipl. Ing.

Chairman MS EDUCATION Bildung & Integration e. V.

Acting Deputy  Speaker












Dr. Frank Kwaw Codjoe

Co-ordinating Sekretary












Mr. Mahamane Diarra

Unternemen für Bildung

Responsible for Bildung & Ausbildung/Arbeit und Wohnung











Dr. David Okeke

Responsible for Wissenschaft & Forschung












Dr. Bernard Doku

Responsible for Health & Consummer Protection.













Mr. Kenneth Gbandi

Responsible for Labour,  Social and Family Affairs, Integration /Economy & Finance.








Madame Eileen-Mary Posch Oduro

Responsible for Labour, Social andFamily Affairs, Integration/Economy & Finance.













Mr. Clement Klutse, MBA

Responsible for Labour, Social and Family Affairs, Integration/ Economy & Finances.













Mr. Eze Nosiri

Responsible for Labour, Social and Family Affairs, Integration/Economy & Finance.













Mr. Benjamin Jacobs

Responsible for Police, Justice & Internal Affairs (Asylum ).














Mr. Chris Ezeh

Online Publisher Euro-Africa

Responsible for Media.













Dr. Victor Njimah

Responsible for Media.













Hon. Kenneth Gbandi

Responsible for Media.













Mr. Charles Njoku, Engr.

Responsible for Youth, Sports & Culture.













Mr. Salia Adams

Responsible for Youth, Sports & Culture.



Advisory Board Members











Madame Caroline Seigert-Kieni

Representative of  Eastern & Southern Africa.









Madame Ba Hawa Fofana

Representative of West Africa (excluding)  Nigeria und Ghana.








Mr. Marouane Snoussi, Dipl. Ing.

Representative of  North Africa  &  PROFESSIONAL GROUPS.



Imam Mohamed Awal

Representative of  MUSLIMS Association.














Pastor Ossia Okeke














Mr. Jude Ogunnaya

Representative of  the CENTRAL  NIGERIAN UNION.


Mr. Anane Kakyire

Representative of  GHANA UNION.


Now that the official inauguration has been done, the Forum must fully get into

operation and set itself effectively to the task for which it has been established. It must

do all it can and give a different image to the African communities in Hamburg. From

the caliber of those who have accepted to be members of the Forum, there is room for

maximum hope for the future.

Contact and ACF official Address


Haferkamp 2

22082 Hamburg

By Hon. Kenneth Gbandi for African Heritage


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