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    Elombo Bolayela  Champions New Prospects for foreign Graduates and Highly skilled immigrants in the city of Bremen A Joint Press Statement from SPD and 90/The Greens: New Prospects for foreign graduates and highly skilled immigrants in the city of Bremen Elombo Bolayela,  (pix Left with Sigmar Gabriel,

THE 55TH ANNIVERSARY OF INDEPENDENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA “Considering our performance so far, we have cause to make merry on this day but, in doing so, let us also remember it as one of tribute to those gallant men and women who fought so

TUKLAN: The two brothers-Famous T (Toni Tuklan) and Massiv Rex Tuklan consists of the two brothers Famous T (Toni Tuklan) and Massiv Rex. Both are house names in the European Ragga-scene. Tuklan have several productions with DJ Tomekk, Rico Bernasconi Ex-Master Blaster featured and supported top artists