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      Hamburger “Vida Addae” vies for Parliamentary election in Ghana for EJISU-JUABEN Constituency in Ashanti Region Prof. Brando Okolo once asked a question. How can we become involved in German politics?  He answered that in his article “Congress for the Advancement of People of African Heritage (CAPAH)” that

Hamburg Football Sport Court: The sweet Taste of Victory-NCG FC wins their appeal, advances to the next league! The recent drama at the Hamburg Football Verband ended on a sweet note.  The outcome of the judgment also answered some earlier raised questions in affirmative; that is if

Victoria A. Gbandi- The Ezinne (Good Mother) of  St. John Anglican Church Marks her 85th Birthday Mama, your cheerful dispositions and amazing Christian devotions merged with an inspiring humane and accommodating perseverance has laid a solid foundation for your 10 wonderful children. I will leave it

Fallout from President Goodluck Jonathan´s  visit to Germany: Ambassador Abdu Usman Abubakar under fire (L:  President Goodluck Jonathan visits to German. R: Ambassador Abdu Usman Abubakar Nigerian Ambassador to Germany) “It must be clearly stated that who gets invited to a dinner with the President of the