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NIDO Europe launches Coronavirus Emergency Hotlines for Nigerian Diaspora in Europe tagged (NIDSAFE) and also initiates a Post COVID-19 strategies initiatives. In a

The Chairman of the Central Executive Council (CEC) of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization of Continental Europe (NIDOE), Hon. Kenneth Gbandi has commended the

The name “coronavirus,” was published in 1968. It is derived from the “corona”-like or crown-like morphology observed for these viruses in the

Approximately 3 percent of the world’s population live in a country different from that of their birth. This is evidence of the

Abraham Lincoln described democracy as “government of the people, by the people, for the people” during the American civil war in 1863. His notion

In Athens, 510 BC, Cleisthenes instituted democracy to foster greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens and the law. Today, the tenet

Esteemed Appreciation to NIDOE Irish Chapter who have chosen peace and unity for a purposeful homeland development over seed of disunity especially when